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Dear users...

it is now more than six year since we came with Since that time we had hundreds of thousands of visitors who have added almost 2,500 payment proofs from hundreds GPT sites of which many does not exist anymore. But we are still here. In last few years there were not many changes/upgrades on here. But the site is still alive.

This project did cost me hundreds of USD but I don't want to give up on it. This site will probably never make a big profit but it will always be the first website I ever made. My plan is to give it a new life, but before I am going to invest hours of work into it I need to know that there are still people who like this site. Please show your support to once again and let me know whether there are still some fans of out there. Just contact me using contact form to let me know if you have any ideas, suggestions or just good luck wishes to and most importantly keep uploading your payment proofs.

I am not gonna lie to you by telling you I am going to spend all my time next few weeks creating the new But I will be able to find few minutes every day to work on this project and with your help and support, in few weeks/months we can have the new

Leonardo, admin

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18/11/2011 - We start to work on the new version 2. More info here